Cellulolytic Actinomycetes isolated from soil in Bukit Duabelas National Park, Jambi




The objective of study was to investigate the enzymatic activities of cellulolytic Actinomycetes. The soil sample was collected from Bukit Duabelas National Park, Jambi. Actinomycetes was isolated by Casein Agar Medium, and its cellulolytic capacity was determined by measuring the activity of CMC-ase. Two isolates of cellulolytic Actinomycetes belonged to genus Streptomyces were isolated. The CMCase activity was 7.7 unit and 13.4 unit for isolate I and isolate II respectively. The Km of isolate I and isolate II were 1.356x 10-3 and 1.595x
10-3 (% b/v) respectively. Vmaks of isolate I and II was 1.658 x10-4 and 6.166x 10-4 μg glukosa/mL enzyme /minute, respectively.
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Keywords: Actinomyctes, Streptomyces, Celulolytic, Bukit Dua Belas National Park.