Growth Hormone (GH) gene polymorphism in several Indonesian local breeds cattle




Agung PP, Anwar A, Putra WPB, Said S. 2017. Growth Hormone (GH) gene polymorphism in several Indonesian local breeds cattle. Pros Sem Nas Masy Biodiv Indon 3: 304-308. Through the molecular genetic study, the genetic potential of individuals can be detected early so that it can be used as a parental population to improve the productivity of local cattle. The GH (Growth Hormone) gene is one of the genes that affect the productivity of animals such as growth and reproduction. The GH gene is the candidate gene in the MAS (Marker Assisted Selection) program, i.e., the selection of animals using the genetic marker for growth and carcass trait in cattle. This study aims to identify the polymorphism of the GH gene in several Indonesian local breed cattle. The local breeds cattle used in this study including the SO cattle, PO, Bali, Pesisir, and Simmental cross cattle respectively by 41, 24, 19, 8, and 31 samples. The GH gene polymorphism was detected by PCR-RFLP method using MspI restriction enzyme. The results showed that the SO, PO, and Pesisir cattle have three genotypes (AA, BB and AB) for GH gene, otherwise the Simmental cross cattle have two genotypes (BB and AB), and the Bali cattle only have one genotype (AA). Based on these results it can be concluded that the GH gene in the SO, PO, Pesisir and Simmental Cross cattle was polymorphic while the Bali cattle do not have GH gene variant (monomorphic). The information in this study can be used as the basis or foundation to start the breeding program for the Indonesia local cattle based on the molecular technology.